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Are there areas of your life that are satisfying while other areas are wanting and a source of frustration?  Is stress a barrier to your ability to change?  What if you had an opportunity to move towards a more purposeful and joyful life? Would you start that journey today?

The Wellness Journey Partnership℠ was established in 2016 by me, Donald King, Mayo Clinic trained and certified - and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach - and former corporate executive.  Over the 35 years I spent in both large and small companies, I observed many of my friends and coworkers deal with lives out of balance.  These fine people seemed unable to prioritize on the most important parts of their lives (relationships, self-care, etc) even as helpful advice and encouragement were offered.  As the Principal coach at the Wellness Journey Partnership℠, my job is to engage with you to better understand your strengths, values and desires to then envision and walk with you to achieve your best life over time.
I am not a therapist or a physician.  Rather, I am your coach working  side by side with you to help you find a way towards an improved version of yourself that is oftentimes difficult for you to discover and achieve on your own. I pledge to provide your coaching in a positive, compassionate, and respectful manner.  I am National Board Certified as a Health and Wellness Coach (one of just 6,000 worldwide) by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching.


Your success in regaining joy in your daily life and progressing towards a more resilient and purposeful life is possible and is within your reach.  Please allow me the honor of working with you towards that goal.


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Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make
choices toward, a more
successful existence. (National Wellness Institute)  

The Wellness Journey starts with exploration of your vision for your best life and creating and achieving short term goals to get there.  

The Partnership is having a Mayo Clinic trained and Board certified Health coach working with the Healthcare community to positively impact each client's life journey.

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