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Each person knows their own life better than anyone else.  Many of us are dealing with life stresses such as weight and healthy eating issues, financial pressures, sleeping problems, rocky relationships, lack of self care, spiritual emptiness, etc.  At the Wellness Journey Partnership℠, I am not working as a “consultant” or “expert”,  providing more information and tips for weight loss, stress reduction, work-out routines, etc. that may prove helpful for the short term only!  There is more information available to us today than at any point in history, yet many of us still have problems getting to the starting line in certain areas of our lives. 


I am not a new age coach, nor am I a therapist or counselor, I am simply a caring professional trained in today’s latest coaching and resiliency techniques to help real people resolve real life issues - for the long haul.


As the Wellness Journey Partnership℠ coach, I will help you define and move towards your vision of putting joy back in your day.  Based on the relationship we build together, we use your strengths to create achievable goals.  I will hold you accountable for your progress and then celebrate with you when you are successful.



Donald King is a certified Mayo Clinic and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach having received his training at the Mayo Clinic’s prestigious Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center in Rochester, MN.  He was trained and now licensed by Dr. Amit Sood, Executive Director at the Resilient Option in Stress Management and Resiliency and has brought the SMART workshop to Colorado.  Don has an undergraduate degree in psychology and 35 years experience effectively using applied psychology in the business world to help companies and customers get what they want.  Don’s personal Wellness journey started early in life and was heavily influenced by his father's consistent modeling of healthy eating, moderate and ongoing physical activity, and solid Christian values and relational practices.  


While raising three children, Don found his own life balance in family, friends, work, spirituality, and healthy practices that allowed him to eventually (at age 45 and an ex-smoker) run his first marathon - he’s run 24 more since then.  Along the way, he observed that many of his friends and family members, and a large segment of the US population for that matter, had lives out of balance.  After finishing his career as Director of Contracts for a division of United Technologies Corporation, he decided to work towards his passion of helping people find a healthy balance in their lives in order to achieve their own vision of their best life.  Don is a native of Concord Massachusetts and currently a resident of Broomfield Colorado where he and his wife live near his adult daughters, their husbands and grandkids.  In addition to his Mayo Clinic and National Board certifications, Don is a certified Chronic Care Professional (CCP) and Registered Health Coach through the Health Sciences Institute.  Don is also a Diabetes Lifestyle Coach, a member of the Diabetes Association's Colorado Working Group, and an active member of the National Wellness Institute.  Most recently Don was a coach instructor and Health and Wellness coach in Colorado's State of Health Program.

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