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Colorado Health Links Preferred Vendor 

CO Health Links™ is a nonprofit initiative spearheaded by health and safety experts at the Center for Health, Work and Environment within the Colorado

School of Public Health.  Health Links™

recognizes businesses that champion

worker wellbeing and safety with the Health

Links™ Healthy Business Certification, a

program that recognizes small businesses

for meeting or exceeding worker health and

safety standards.



From N., Female, Retired, age 69


“When I started Wellness Journey Partnership with Don King I was apprehensive. With a husband, kids, grandkids and day to day life I can go from Plan A to Plan Z in one day.  But it was one of the best things I have done for my family and myself.  With Don’s help and encouragement I developed a vision statement with realistic and attainable goals.  I then set weekly goals for myself.  


Don doesn’t dictate, he encourages.  Yes there was weeks that I hit Plan Z but no lectures or scolding.  Don encouraged me to look to the future not the past.   He makes you feel good about what you did accomplish. From this I have learned better ways of improving and enhancing my life.  This was a very positive experience and that I will continue to use in the future.”

From C., Male, Father and Husband, age 35


"I would highly recommend Donald King for Wellness coaching. Donald worked with me for 3 months and he has shown professionalism, dedication, and strong knowledge. He is there to provide insights and tools for success, while he still allowed me to create my own action/wellness plan. With Donald's assistance, I am feeling better physically and mentally!”

From L., Single Mom of 2 grown kids, age 44


"I was not really aware of what wellness coaching was, but now being through it I realize how important it is. Don helped me set goals for myself. Goals that I have met with ease and some I will be working on for life. I feel healthier in my mind, body, and soul thanks to the understanding and practice of wellness."

From D., Single mom of 4 grown kids, age 44


"I had the pleasure of working with Don King for just over 3 months. Don's coaching skills helped me to re-evaluate and create obtainable steps which in turn created success in my personal and professional life.  In my time with Don I learned much of what I have been looking for is deep within me and that I have the answers. I set goals that were important to me and my family. I can now report that I am seeing dramatic change from setting these goals. The skills Don shared from his study at the Mayo Clinic helped. I highly recommend Don King as a partner in wellness for anyone who is looking for a better you. Thank you Don for showing me how to engage and trust in my own knowledge to find my best life now!"

From D., Female, Psychotherapist, age 63


“I worked with Don for several months. He helped me reacquire the balance I lost in my daily life.  Don truly believes in what he is doing and took great care in getting to know me and my specific needs. Don was able to reignite my inspiration and guided me into getting back on track with several projects. I can highly recommend Don!”

No one likes setting goals, getting all pumped up and then watching them fade. With Don I learned to tweak what I already had, try some great things I never knew, stop accepting excuses form myself and others and then found myself achieving great change that fit and stuck. THANK YOU DON!"

From D., Female, Wife and Mother, age 52


"Don King created a very comfortable, safe atmosphere.  His demeanor in our sessions was professional as well as personal.  He is easy to talk to and truly wants his clients to have the best and most productive, fulfilling life! With Don's wellness coaching skills I have learned to be a better advocate for myself, to create my own vision statement and to continue to grow in my overall well being!  Thank you Don for your coaching!"

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