Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART)

Combines ancient wisdom, neuroscience, positive psychology, philosophy, and effective application in today's american culture

The SMART Workshop has been licensed by Donald King at the Wellness Journey Partnership from Dr. Amit Sood, former Chairman of Integrative Medicine and Health at the Mayo Clinic and current Director of the Global Center for Resiliency and Wellbeing at the Resilient Option

SMART has been found effective in multiple research studies for a variety of outcomes.

Research Evidence

SMART has now been tested and found effective in several dozen clinical trials with results showing statistically significant and meaningful improvement in a variety of measures. These include:

  • 50 percent lower anxiety (Assessed by GAD-7)

  • 39 percent lower burnout (Assessed by MBI)

  • 35 percent lower stress (Assessed by PSS)

  • 37 percent lower depressive symptoms (Assessed by PHQ9)

  • 30 percent higher mindfulness (Assessed by MAAS)

  • 21 percent higher resilience (Assessed by CDRS)

  • 18 percent higher happiness (Assessed by SHS)

  • 16 percent higher health behaviors (Assessed by CHBQ)

In addition, participants reported positive changes in productivity, engagement, and fatigue.

Dr. Amit Sood at the Global Center for Resiliency and Wellbeing developed SMART as the most extensively researched resilience and wellbeing platform globally and has the strongest, most promising effectiveness data.  Donald King trained with Dr. Sood and has now licensed the Workshop for delivery across the US, in the community, in local business, and in healthcare.

Comments from participants of recent SMART Workshops:

"The idea of choosing my first thoughts of the day with a simple gratitude practice sounds awesome"


"I appreciated the core values Don spoke"

"I liked the two minute break when I get home - uninterrupted"

"Got back to the office and started the silent well wishes.  Liked the quick takeaways"


"I could do things from the talk right away"


"Good to revisit how to be positive versus negative"


"There were definitely sections of the presentation that we will follow up on in our future department meetings.  Thank you"

"Don's workshop for the students in my Women's Holistic Health class at MSU Denver was inspiring. The students were not only engaged, but also found the information from his SMART presentation to be highly valuable and easy to understand. I would recommend this workshop for all audiences!"

Sheri Mauk, M.S.S

Lecturer for the Department of Health Professions

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