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  • Typically, we will have a series of 12 coaching sessions over 12 weeks.  We believe that we will be most successful given 12 sessions.


  • After we meet for a 30 minute informational session to discuss goals and client/coach expectations, we will set up our first coaching session for the following week.  There is no charge for the initial meeting and you can decide to go forward or not at that meeting.

  • The first coaching session will be up to 90 minutes followed by 30-60 minute sessions thereafter.   


  • The first couple of sessions may be in person, then we’ll decide what works best after that.  

  • For remote coaching, we will use Live Video or telephone, as appropriate.  

  • Please give your coach at least a day’s notice if you won’t be able to make a session for any reason.  If there’s an emergency and you can only give us 30 minutes, of course we’ll understand.


  • Attainable Vision statement of your future self

  • Values and Strengths inventory

  • Incremental goals and strategies developed by you with guidance and encouragement from your coach

  • Accountability and celebration as you meet your goals

  • Increased self-confidence, purpose in life, and joy in your day

  • Stress Management and Resiliency toolkit


  • For individuals, the 12 sessions described are $800.  


  • Payments are made on a session by session basis ($75/ea).  

  • In the event that any client is not satisfied with their progress after working through the full 12 sessions, a 100% refund will be provided.

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